Bring It Ooon Brindisi


Its almost like coming home by now with the 3rd edition of the Italian Grand Prix being staged in Brindisi in a row. 21 Drivers entered the event with newcomers to the class from Italy, Great Britain and France with returning faces from Norway and Sweden. Pal Virik Nielsen with a new team and sponsor joined his racing fellows while Tobias Soderling after his accident in Hungary 2014 sat back into his cockpit with a shining happy face.

The first race of the 2015 season brougt the thrills and spills to Brindisi, new boats, new drivers tested their skills under the hot sun and windy conditions. The Qualifying sessions on Saturday put Pierre Lundin on pole position in the last moment with a blustering pace, followed by Bimba Sjoholm and Erik Edin. Betting and hoping is rising high in the pits and among the online followers to guess which three drivers will take the podium at the end of today. The Grand Prix will start at 19:30 local time with 20 boats on the grid, but still a Repachage Run is ahead if the final 6 drivers to choose the 5 of them racing in the GP. The Repachage Run will commence at 15:30, stay with us to find out the outcome.

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