Campione Cancelled

With wind speeds recorded at over 20 knots the UIM race officials were left with little choice but to cancel the fourth round of the UIM F2 World Championship. For the second time this season Pelle Larson, the UIM Sports Commissioner had the unenviable task of informing the teams that no Grand Prix would take place.

In a short statement he said that even he was surprised just how strong the wind speed had become.

It’s been a long while since I have seen weather here in Campione like this. Yes, perhaps I could have made the decision earlier but we had to give Ivan Motta, the race organiser, every available option to run this event. We knew that 16:00 local time would be our deadline and as we approached this there was no chance to run a safe race.

So that means the Grand Prix of Portugal in a months time will decide who collects the UIM Gold Medal and with it the 2017 UIM World Championship title. Going into that event at the top of the points table is the Team Abu Dhabi driver Rashed Al Qemzi and he felt quietly confident that he could become the first ever UAE driver to win the world title.

I have a twelve points lead over Pierre Lundin, so all I need is a podium finish and I’m comfortable with that. The pressure is on the other drivers.

Taking the slightly more cautious approach was his Team Manager, Guido Cappellini.

We have been here before”. You remember, we should have won the UIM Endurance World Championship last year and that was snatched away from us in Poland. So I’m a little scared, even if you prepare one hundred per cent, one stupid little problem can wreck your title hopes.

Will we see a new name on the trophy or will Pierre Lundin make it three world titles in a row to spoil the Abu Dhabi party, all will become clear in Ribadouro on Sunday 8 October.

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